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Top 10 Digital Marketing Terms Everyone Should Know

Whenever you hear someone speak of digital marketing, do you feel like you’re listening to a foreign language? To help ensure that you’re savvy about digital marketing as a concept, here’s a list of the top 10 commonly used digital marketing key terms that you should know:

1. Bounce Rate:

Bounce rate is used to define the effectiveness of your website pages. It is simply the percentage of visitors who left your website after viewing only one page. A high bounce rate may indicate that you have a poor site design or your site architecture is too vague. In other words, it reveals in clear terms if the users can engage with your website and if your content is tempting.

2. CTR (Click-Through Rate):

CTR or Click-Through Rate shows how many times your ad was clicked by your users on social media campaigns. It is used to measure the success or effectiveness of an online advertisement or email campaign for a particular website. To calculate your CTR you have to take the total number of clicks your ad received and divide that by the number of times it was shown (impressions).

3. CTA:

Call To Action or CTA is commonly used in social media advertisements, email campaigns or on websites. It refers to the use of words or phrases that should be written in such a way that it grabs your customer’s attention. An effective CTA is also short, crisp, and to the point. Here are a few examples of CTA:

    • Join Us/Contact Us information
    • Sign up button
    • Subscribe Now button, etc.

4. DA:

Domain Authority or DA is a number determined by MOZ to the websites according to the relativity of your website for a specific subject area. DA helps you determine your competition against different websites in your industry. It is a number that ranges between 1 to 100. The higher the score, the greater will be the site’s ability to rank in searches.

5. SEM:

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the process of gaining website traffic by purchasing advertisements on search engine result pages (or SERPs). By investing in SEM, you can increase your visibility and achieve great marketing results. For example, Pay per click or PPC is a type of SEM practice in which advertisers have to pay the publisher money each time their advertisements are clicked.

6. Impression:

An impression occurs any time when a user opens an app or website and an advertisement is visible. Impressions are important because they give a simple representation of the number of people watching ads within a particular channel. By calculating the number of impressions, is a great way to analyze how far an advertising channel really reaches.

7. KPIs:

Key Performance Indicators or KPIs are the main ways of tracking digital marketing campaign results. This can be the number of quality leads you have generated or the number of weekly user sessions on your website. In today’s digital marketing era, it is important to plan your short-term and long-term KPIs.

8. A/B Testing:

A/B testing, also known as Split testing, refers to the process of testing two or more versions of content with the target audience to check which one is preferred more. You can use this technique for better optimization of your website content, email copy, or anything. 

9. Remarketing:

Remarketing is a common practice online. It involves targeting customers who have already visited your site or showed interest in your products/services. Brands use this technique to track their shopping cart pages so they can target those who abandon their shopping carts. This makes remarketing a valuable tool for reminding your customers about their interests as well as keeping them engaged.

10. Engagement Rate:

It is an important metric that indicates the level of interest of the users in your website. It takes into consideration actions like clicks, comments, shares, etc. These factors are used to determine past performance as well as create more relevant content. It can be calculated by using third-party tools (like Coschedule) or by using in-app analytics (like in Instagram). 


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Drishti Singh