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Data Visualization Using Power BI for a Soap Company Who Wanted Cleaner Reports


Petra Hygenic Systems is a Canadian company based in Concord, Ontario, and supplies businesses such as hotels, gyms, and healthcare facilities with toiletries, towels, and other items commonly found in the locker rooms or washrooms of the facilities in those different industries. We helped Petra in the past by creating a new website for a new division so naturally, they contacted us again.


Petra needed accurate sales reports that were pulled from multiple integrated software applications.

Petra wanted help pulling insight out of their large datasets across multiple applications/databases. Petra utilized multiple software applications to manage their business using Sage, XM Symphony, Google Analytics, and more. They wanted data visualization and business intelligence reports to streamline and organize the sales process for their managers. Despite having a good infrastructure, Petra found it complicated and time-consuming since there were so many software applications involved.


Poorly maintained records had to be organized to be analyzed.

Rishi Rais, CTO of Dignitas Digital said, “The first step was to clean all the data. The system was not well maintained so it was difficult. The complexity of it was huge.”

The Dignitas team had to understand every entry in the database. Sage contained a lot of unknown codes in the 500 tables and 50 columns of the software. That’s a lot of soap. It was very tedious work, but the Dignitas Digital team was able to analyze all the data. Dignitas needed to make sense of the multiple databases and how they interact with each other.

Regarding data visualization and business intelligence, programmer associate, Mohit Bhagat said, “Petra wanted to keep track of the sales representatives’ communication with potential customers and know how many of them were converted into customers. We used Microsoft Power BI to visualize the data that provided insights for the same.”


Employees enjoyed spending more time on other work tasks.

Petra employees were happy to see and use the new system that monitored the performance of their sales team and other business units. The use of Power BI and the multiple reports we created for Petra gave the CEO the ability to see how all departments were performing and how much income the company was generating in one place for the first time.

Petra Hygenic Systems CIO, Vince Alton said, “Creating reports that give managers the information they need to see is extremely difficult when it’s across multiple applications. By plugging in our different databases into Power BI, utilizing ETL, we’re able to create single reports that visual necessary data points from across these multiple applications. This gives our managers/principals the insight they need in one spot which enables them to do their jobs more effectively and saves them significant time.”

Dignitas Digital also made it possible for Petra to see what orders were placed for customers and how much they spent. This is the most valuable data when seen in an aggregate.


The reports made Petra’s day-to-day operations seamless.

Petra uses the reports to help inform their decision-making process. The result was more control and better organization of their inventory processes. The time managers spent creating reports was drastically reduced from hours to mere minutes. The abundance of information allowed Petra to initiate marketing plans and know when sales were dipping during the year.

“The improvements felt by these reports don’t typically materialize into hard numbers, but they’re incredibly valuable. We couldn’t imagine running our business without the visibility, insight, and ease that these reports provide us.”

In business, isn’t value what it’s all about?

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