Can these SEO companies get my company on the first page?

Can SEO Companies Get My Company On the First Page of Google?

You start off a new online business and build a website for it, even before your website is up and running i.e. not in production in technical jargon, you start getting emails from unknown companies claiming that they can get you on the first page of Google – “GUARANTEED”.

Should you go in for such kind of offers?


Absolutely NOT.


Even as a company we get these kinds of emailers on a daily basis. Some sample emailers are below –


Case 1-


Are you planning to outsource your SEO offshore? You are at the right place by reading this! We are the leading SEO Company in India working with a number of agencies and generating awesome leads for their clients.


Here are the highlights of our SEO Reseller Program:

1   No Set up Fees.

2   Free 15 Days trial on any of your 3 projects.

3   Free Site Audit Reports and SEO Proposals for your clients.

4   100% White Labeled Reports with your brand name and logo.

5   Handy Project Management through Basecamp.

6   Creation of a rich backlink profile with backlinks coming from sites with DA, TF>15.

7   Weekly Rankings and Monthly Performance Reports.


While we’ll manage everything at our end, you can sit back and enjoy the extra profits!


We also offer SMO, PPC, Website Development, Content marketing, Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing and Brand Reputation Management.


If there’s something else you’re challenged with, drop your Skype id or Phone No. and I’ll get back to you instantly.


Case 2 –

Hello Sir/Madam,


Do you want a reliable, creative and experienced team for your digital marketing Work?


We have innovative web solutions for organizations including SEO, PPC, SMM, Content Marketing, Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn and Twitter Marketing and Brand Reputation management etc. 


We also give you a 15 days FREE trial on any of your projects.


SEO Packages:

  (1)Complete SEO Packages,

  (2)SMO, PPC, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Marketing,

  (4)Mobile Application Development

  (3)Web Designing & Development


Our prices are less than half of what other companies charge.

Please provide below information to get a full Proposal for the Digital marketing services.


You’re Website?

Your Phone Number?


Have a nice day!


Case 3 –


Dear Web Owner,


Want more clients and customers?


We can promote your website on Google by doing SEO of your website at a very low-cost price per month onwards.


If you are not on Google 1st page rank, your website is a waste. Getting your site on Google 1st page rank  GUARANTEED.


Give your contact no. Or skype id and i’d like to follow up about this with a quick phone call. Can i call you this week to discuss your campaign?


Note :-   I am here to offer you digital marketing services like SMO, PPC, SMM, Web Branding, Website Design & Development , etc at under your budget.


Email us back to get a full proposal.


There are a few observations that I would like to make here –

  • None of them had actually done our SEO analysis
  • All of them had a Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail address. Clearly, there is no company that exists
  • “GUARANTEED” – Nope, been there done that. There is no guarantee of anything
  • No client references
  • Fake alias names. Looks like another BPO scam
  • There is no way other than replying to this email to get in touch with this person.
  • Obviously, no LinkedIn profile – This person does not exist


Then how to go in for an SEO –


SEO is one of the most important, yet the most abused optimization technique for your business/website. Initially, there was scope for building multiple back-links, stuffing keywords, writing blogs to ascertain those keywords. Over time Google has optimized its algorithm and it concentrates on Quality over Quantity. It’s a shame that SEO is treated as a volume game and there are shady companies or individuals trying to sell it as a commodity.


Here are some steps that need to be followed –


  • Get your website in order – Ensure that your website is syntactically correct, optimized for speed, has good user experience and most importantly responsive in nature. Check your website on online tools to ensure that you are on the right track. Your website will never be 100% in all sections. Do not be too obsessed with that.


  • Do a thorough keyword analysis  If you have done your market research well, these should come naturally to you. Though you should go through tools like keyword planner etc. A simple google search can help you with such tools.


  • Quality Content – Generate content, but that should be highly relevant in nature. Something that will add value to the noisy online content ecosystem. Do not write a blog just for the sake of it. If you have an issue with writing, then get a content writer, but the initial articles/blogs should be your vision. It is very easy to outsource all work to a content writer, but once your train derails, it will be very difficult to bring it back on track. For us as an agency as well, we hesitate to pick up spoiled work, so you would end up in a spot.


  • Distribution Strategy – This is something that is important and the most important service you need. Unfortunately, all the above cases (the emails) lack transparency and you would not like your link at a place where it should not be. Hence find someone who understands your business well and is extremely transparent in work.


  • Be Patient! SEO takes time 5 – 6 months can easily be spent on getting the first results of your efforts. If there are companies that say they will give you results in 1 month – stay away. Some keywords will perform better than others and some keywords might turn out to be an absolute struggle. Keep working hard on your sincere efforts and you will start seeing results.

If you would like to improve your company’s SEO, contact Dignitas Digital in Philadelphia at

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Rishi Rais