best outbound marketing tools for business

The Best Outbound Marketing Tools for Business in 2023

If you want to expand your business today, you must have a smart marketing plan. However, determining which one works best might be difficult. Based on our experience helping small and medium businesses in the US with their marketing efforts, we think that a combination of inbound and outbound marketing methods is the best approach to expand successfully.

Outbound marketing primarily focuses on promoting a product or service through traditional advertising policies and targets a mass audience. Though the usage of this technique has reduced considerably due to the expansion of digitization, outbound marketing has some unavoidable benefits in the world of advertisement.

The present-day outbound marketing tools can be particularly useful in establishing a one-to-one connection with potential customers. Here are some of the best outbound marketing tools that you will find useful in automating the marketing process and generating the desired marketing output.


The best outbound marketing tools for business are:


1. LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator

There are several ways this tool can help you starting from detecting the right prospects and getting valuable insights to building loyal relationships. It is an essential social selling tool that provides custom lead recommendations to search for the right kind of prospects for the business.

The Sales Navigator offers several benefits such as:

  • Custom recommendations for lead generation and conversions
  • Advanced search feature to boost sales
  • Single-click salesforce data import
  • Opening full profiles and real-time updates
  • TeamLink for better accomplishment of business objectives
  • Ability to send more than 30 InMail messages for better contacts, and others.


2. InsideSales

The important features of this marketing tool are predictive analysis, gamification, data visualization, and communication. These are the features of the Sales Acceleration Platform of InsideSales. One of the most important aspects of this tool is producing actionable data. This is done by contacting the prospects at the exact place and time required to generate sales.

Neuralytics is the predictive engine provided by this tool to help in contacting the right lead. If you want to target sales interactions, then Neuralview is the answer for you. The tool will help you in targeting sales conversions, prioritizing data, connecting and engaging with potential customers, qualifying leads, and converting them into revenue.


3. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is useful in various ways. It is a great tool while trying to add contacts quickly, creating templates, messaging, and developing documents. Also, the fact that this tool allows sharing files and documents with prospects easily, it is an important outbound marketing tool. It is easy to create deals and use the drag-and-drop feature in case of custom sales with this tool.

It also helps in aligning sales processes through phone calls, emails, websites, and through social media. Again, if you want a single database to manage various contacts and other data for different teams, then HubSpot is the answer.


4. D&B Hoovers (formerly Avention)

This is one tool that uses Big Data to function. It offers several functions like pipeline feeding, analyzing company data, and generating smart lead insights. More efficient insights are gained by using processes like sales intelligence and contacting deeper levels.

Some of the important features that may be required for an outbound strategy in your business are:

  • Conceptual Search resulting in a relevant topic
  • Smart lists for the right kind of lead generation
  • Business Signals for generating better insights
  • The ideal profile provides the advantages of both Conceptual Search and Business Signals.


5. Witty Parrot

If the question is about managing talent acquisition, sales enablement, marketing, customer service, and personal messaging to boost productivity, then the answer surely is Witty Parrot.

The tool can be used in different sales processes to gain several benefits such as responding to questions or keeping the content fresh. Witty Parrot can be seen as a content management tool with a productivity platform, which speeds up business processes.

The features of the tool precisely are:

  • Real-time access to questions
  • Tailored communication
  • Personalized outreach
  • Accelerated responses from prospects, and
  • Reduced sales cycle.

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These are the most efficient tools for outbound marketing strategies required for various organizations. It may be confusing when choosing the right one for your business. The right way to do this is to compare the features of each of them and determine the feature that will help you to automate your business process and increase your revenue.

Once you have decided on the tool, use the other features, and gain more insights for your potential prospects. The right kind of outbound marketing tool can help you to optimize your outbound marketing strategies and run more effective and goal-oriented campaigns with which you can expect quicker and better results.

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