10 Best Local SEO Tools to Improve Local Search Ranking

10 Best Local SEO Tools to Improve Local Search Ranking

Getting exposure for your local business is much easier when you are concentrating on the local searches for SEO over targeting the global searches. This is very true for businesses having a physical presence. Having a strong local presence will help you attract more potential customers as people from your locality are more likely to buy your products.

Even if your business exists in different geographical locations, local exposure is a must for your business to bloom. That being said, having a high-ranking appearance on local searches with the help of local SEO will do the trick for your local business.

If your business focuses on local customers, then this blog is just for you. You will get to know about some of the amazing local search tools that will boost your local SEO and take your business to its next big success!

Here are some of the search tools that are just fit for the health of your local SEO.


10 Best Tools For Local SEO


1. Google My Business

Google My Business or GMB is considered the most potent solution for local SEO. Owned by Google, this tool is absolutely free and thus is accessible to every business. It allows you to manage your online presence including Google searches and Google Maps. Your online listing would include adding information about your business such as your local address, phone number, website, and hours of operation. You can also use this tool to post updates, images, and videos.

Link – https://www.google.com/intl/en_in/business/


2. Moz Local

Moz Local is a paid tool that will help your business to optimize your Google listings. It helps you to increase the visibility of your business by ensuring the accuracy and consistency of your listings. This tool will send your business information to valuable online directories and data aggregators. It also includes providing insights into the performance of the listings, as well as suggestions on the ways the performance can be improved. The pricing starts from $99 per listing per year.

Link – https://bit.ly/3NI76aa


3. GrowthBar

Typically known for its Google Chrome extension, GrowthBar is a free tool that delivers several important SEO metrics. Once you have installed it on your Chrome browser, you will be able to perform backlink analysis, local keyword research, competitor analysis, and website auditing straight away from your browser. This helps you to derive some very competent insights useful in outranking a competitor. Local SEO tool like GrowthBar makes ongoing maintenance and tracking to boost search engine visibility very easy. It is also available as a standalone tool.

Link – https://bit.ly/3JKYqP7


4. LocalLookup

This local SERP checker is a unique tool targeted to deliver the power of local SEO to geo-specific businesses. Offered by Dignitas Digital, it allows users to search Google for any term and get localized search results for any nation, city, or ZIP code. This tool is extremely helpful for anyone looking forward to doing SEO for their sites. It displays location-based results which boosts the local SEO of the site and makes it much easier to appear on the SERPs. You can now gain valuable insights into the performance of your website for different locations with this tool and also compare the results with your competitors.

Link – https://locallookup.dignitas.digital/

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5. Yext

Talk about streamlining the demanding process of reputation management for any business, Yext can be just the appropriate tool for it. It helps you to stay aware of every customer review that you receive enabling you to respond promptly. This step is crucial for any local business. It offers a range of solutions such as Knowledge Manager to help your brand with local SEO. Further, Yest helps to keep you’re your online listings accurate and up-to-date. It can be termed as one of the best online brand management tools that look into your local reputation.

Link – https://bit.ly/3NJlLlw


6. Semrush Listing Management Tool

Another paid tool, the Listing Management Tool by Semrush was developed in collaboration with Yext. This tool will assist you in managing your online business listings across various directories. It ensures that the listings are up-to-date and accurate across all your online platforms. Also, it offers a data distribution feature that helps to share your information on social media channels.

Link – https://bit.ly/46zjGBk


7. Whitespark

Highly effective for small businesses, this paid tool is an excellent choice for managing brand image and keeping track of daily SEO activities like reviews, citations, and other online elements. This may include tracking maps, organic listings, local packs, and other factors across giant platforms like Google and Bing. Since tracking regular customer reviews is an important activity for local businesses, review monitoring offered by Whitespark is an extremely useful tool. It allows you to monitor over 100 reviews from different sites including the big ones, and helps you to manage your reputation by responding instantly to reviews and citations. You can start with the free plan for this tool and gradually upgrade to enterprise-level services as your business grows.

Link – https://bit.ly/46DRfSY


8. GeoRanker

A powerful local search tool, GeoRanker helps you to optimize your business website for different geographical locations, social media profiles, and other online assets boosting local SEO. This will help you to improve your business visibility in local search results. It also simplifies the complex process of assessing ranks for a local or global website making it much easier to compete with your local competitors. This means that you will receive detailed information about your competitors and will get to know how they are ranking higher on SERPs. You can use this information to identify opportunities and improve SEO efforts for your local business.

Link – https://bit.ly/3XEN3Ot


9. Synup

Synup is another example of an excellent local SEO tool for reputation management. If you want to track your company’s performance across search engines, online platforms, and directories, Synup can be your go-to tool. It can actively monitor over 200 directories, search engines, and other platforms to detect any citation inconsistencies and help you to fix them instantly. Keeping track of your current web rankings and ongoing traffic, this tool allows your business to stay on top of new reviews and comments to keep your head high above the surface!

Link – https://bit.ly/3JKppdM


10. PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is a free tool developed by Google that mainly emphasizes analyzing website performance in terms of the loading speed of each web page of the site. The faster the loading speed, the better you can expect your user experience and higher local search engine rankings. PageSpeed Insights plays a vital role in tracking page loading speed and detecting issues. Once you receive the insights, you will be able to make improvements in your website performance. It also is concerned with optimizing the website both for desktop and mobile devices.

Link – https://pagespeed.web.dev/



So, that’s there. Now you have the names of some leading local SEO tools. Yet, we need to mention that there are a lot more of these wondrous tools with credible features and functionalities. That being said, whatever might be your SEO needs, the above-mentioned list shall serve the purpose, and that too rightfully. You can boost your SEO and scale your sales to a much higher margin accompanied by the tools mentioned in the above list.

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