Digital Tools for Accelerating Sales

8 Best Digital Tools for Accelerating Sales

It is a known fact that initiating sales is not an easy job. It takes a lot of effort and devising proper strategies to succeed in sales. Often it may get very tough for a sales representative to generate leads. Though the human element cannot be denied or completely replaced, some digital sales tools have made a prominent existence in the corporate world making the process much easier for sales representatives.

Digital sales tools are a great way for sales representatives to gather leads, turn them into potential sales, and follow up with parties. Currently, there are thousands of sales tools in the market which can help you smoothen the sales process. They are there to help you automate your laborious manual tasks, like answering cold emails one by one and personalizing your outreach. Here are some highly productive tools to aid in digital sales.


Best Digital Tools for Accelerating Sales

Boost the efficiency of your lead management system. Your sales team can use Apollo to scientifically identify your ideal customer profiles and find the concurrent real-world consumer persona. Apollo automatically switches your team to full engagement mode when the platform fills your pipeline with fresh qualified leads, boosting your sales performance.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is a highly effective tool for all industries. Whether your business targets B2B sales or direct sales to end consumers, this tool provides commendable service. Though it comes at a high price, its worth lies as a prospecting and lead generation tool. It is highly functional for sales and outreach teams. There are several filter options in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator that the sales teams can use to search for users by targeting filters.

HubSpot CRM Digital Sales Tool

The free CRM from HubSpot provides the easiest way to manage your pipeline and accelerate sales without having to pay too much for it. It is a totally free digital sales tool that provides everything your sales team needs to remain organized and efficiently track their lead-generation activity. You can view everything about a lead in one location, track sales activity automatically, and manage your pipeline with comprehensive visibility. You may complete a range of outreach jobs by utilizing their sales program without requiring any other digital sales tools.

LemList for Automating Cold Emails

LemList has a long list of benefits. It automates the process of cold email outreach by making your cold emails distinctive and memorable. This software helps to track your bounce rate, click-through rate, and your open rate on any given link on your cold email. It also allows sales teams to send personalized images to each prospect and is the first digital tool to do so. Among other myriads of things that it can do is, it can track leads and is a hand-off relationship-building tool.

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ProProfs Chat

Proprofs live chat software is a highly efficient tool for generating sales. It is highly engaging for buyers at every step and is a sure-shot converter of engagements into revenue opportunities. It has features like offline messages or chatbots, automation of lead generation, real-time connection with prospects, identification of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, tracking in-depth reports and analytics, and tracking customer browser patterns to avoid cart abandonment.

It is the proper sales management software that is highly capable of facilitating your business. It provides features such as email and web tracking, platform, lead and accounting scoring, opportunity scoring, sales communications, and predictive forecast. This tool is popular for the amount of information it can generate for a sales team to function seamlessly.


One of the top-rated tools in the market, it is a highly customizable tool with wide-ranging integrations available. It allows you to produce extremely thorough and comprehensive reports to monitor your sales activities. It comes with features such as,

  • Create sales funnels
  • Customer information tracking
  • Deliver social experience
  • Drive customer engagement
  • AI-powered cloud app
  • Active customer support 24/7
  • SMS, MMS, and group messaging
  • Ability to create the 1-on-1 customer journey

Most importantly, it is easy to install and comes with a cloud version.



In the end, how a sales representative or a sales team uses and put these digital sales tools into reality will determine their effectiveness. These digital tools can transform the way the sales team function and make every step of the sales process much simpler and more efficient. Whether you are new to sales or an experienced pro, these tried-and-tested digital tools may come in handy while boosting sales.

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