6 Benefits of Using Business Intelligence Tools for Your Company

Business Intelligence (BI) tools and techniques are used by companies large and small for strategic planning and better business decisions. BI is a form of technology that gathers business data and information for reporting, budgeting, analysis, and presentation purposes. There are many kinds of Business Intelligence tools for small companies available such as Tableau, Power BI, Domo, Looker, and SAS to name a few.

Regardless of the BI tool you choose, your company will have some of the following benefits:


1. Consolidation of Data

Data from different sources such as internal company departments can be collected, combined, or shaped to meet your needs. All the data can then be used to create reports for sharing. This drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to gather the information and generate reports instead of doing it manually. The new information can also be stored and shared in one place which can be accessible almost anywhere at any time if desired.


2. The Ability to Predict the Future

Once you have the data needed for reports, it can be reviewed and analyzed for patterns and trends. This can help businesses plan better to achieve future goals as well as avoid repeating past problems and mistakes. Having the power to be prepared for drops or increases in various forms of activity can also make all business processes run more smoothly.


3. Streamline Operations

The information Business Intelligence tools supply to organizations will simplify processes and eliminate tasks and steps. This will allow company personnel to be more productive as well as communicate more effectively. There will be more time available to focus on other areas of business that were ignored or neglected.


4. Measures the Accuracy of Marketing Campaigns

Because you can create reports containing data and metrics, marketing campaigns will show proof of effectiveness in numbers. Campaigns can be tracked over a period of time to show patterns of success and failure. Notifications will also make department heads aware of drops in the performance of marketing and advertising efforts. This helps businesses stay on track to achieve goals and maintain accomplishment levels.


5. Know More About Customers

Business Intelligence reports can show patterns of customer behavior. This will enable your company to know more about the needs of your customers, what they like to buy, and when. This information will also allow you to provide better customer service.


6. Employee Satisfaction

When your business is streamlined and running more efficiently, employees will be more productive and happier. They will also be able to communicate quickly and easily. This is especially true if company personnel have access to BI tools from locations and devices away from company property. Employees will feel better knowing you want their jobs to be more pleasant. It will also boost company morale.

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Felicia Topsale