Developing a Custom Software for Business

5 Reasons Why Developing a Custom Software for your Business is a Good Investment

Creating a custom software in form of a web or a mobile app for your business may seem to be a herculean endeavor, especially if you do not have a technology background. Investing in custom software development is hard and finding the right team to do it is even harder. No wonder a typical sales cycle for tailored software may last anywhere from 2 weeks to a year. Yup, a year!  

With products moving to the cloud and there being an app for everything, it is important to understand why tailored software may make sense for your business.

At the time of writing this blog, I have been consulting with businesses to solve business problems for almost a decade. I started off my career as a programmer, grew into a digital marketer and eventually started my own company.

The best part about my job till today remains helping businesses giving form to their ideas or automating business processes through analysis and innovation with the aim to enhance productivity and profitability. I have been blessed with opportunities that have enabled me to help startups convert ideas into products as well as lead product development for projects for Fortune-100 companies.

Through the years, I have found the following reasons to be the primary reasons why my clients decided to go through the tailored software route.

Positive ROI

Positive ROI #1 benefit custom software development Having a positive return on investment is the number one reason why client opt in for custom software route. In most cases, business software is used for automating business processes, analyzing data patters, managing data, reporting, etc. Long story short, software saves businesses time. And the popular saying that Time is Money is as relevant as ever in this matter. While initial cost of the endeavor may seem high. In the long run, the software not only pays for itself but ends up saving businesses many-folds its value.  

One Size Does NOT Fit All

One Size Does NOT Fit All in case of custom software for companies We live in an age where there is an app or product for everything. However, smaller products do not have enough features and enterprise-level products may have way too much to offer, most of which may go unutilized for specific business needs. Creating a tailored software to meet your business needs ensures that you are getting exactly what you want. No more, not less.

Full Control

Full Control your business with custom software Another problem with using existing/external software is the fact that you are dependent on the owner for getting updates, feature additions, etc. And if you can think of an easier user experience (UX) that might enhance your productivity to use the product, you can suggest it to the owner and hope and pray that your suggestion makes to the priority list of their development efforts.

Having a custom software gives you the freedom to not just control the features of your product but also define the user experience to meet your needs and working style.

Intent to Productize

Intent to Productize with a custom made tool A lot of my clients have thought of productizing the software product they made for their businesses and a good chunk of them have gone ahead with it as well. If you are solving a business problem to enhance productivity for your business, chances are that the solution you develop (or a close variation) can solve the same problem for other similar businesses as well. So, if you are open to exploring an additional revenue stream, the tangent of productizing a custom software is always a good idea.


Branding with the help of software companyOne thing that has been consistent through all custom software development projects that we have completed is that the products looks and feels like the extension of the brand itself. The customers recognize the brand they are working with and employees get an at-home experience while using the product.


Once you are convinced that developing a tailored software/app for your business is a good idea, you’d want to hire developers or a digital agency to help you with what you need. Hiring developers can be a nightmare and finding the right digital agency could be hard too.

Why not, contact the company that provided you with this information.

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