3 Important Elements to Create a Successful Podcast

Creating a podcast is easy. Anyone with a smartphone and a whistle can do it, but that doesn’t mean it will be a podcast people want to listen to. After a lot of research and many podcast-hours later, here are the top 3 elements behind the most successful podcasts:

  1. Know What You’re Talking About

Before you can create a successful podcast, pick a timely subject you know well that is relevant for your target audience. It is even better if you are considered an expert within industry you are discussing and have formal training or certification to do so. Guest speakers who are celebrities, book authors, and/or known leaders of their field will make the podcast even more informative and validate credibility. If your podcast is delivering breaking news, make sure the information you are relaying is accurate and verifiably true. If you can teach or tell your audience something new, you will quickly gain a lot of followers.

  1. Give Your Podcast Structure

Giving your podcast structure means there is a very clear introduction, middle, and conclusion. Creating an outline with a timeline is very crucial. Plan how long you want your podcast to be and stick with it. You should always dedicate the greatest amount of time to the most important topic you are discussing. When you have a guest speaking be sure to stay mindful of his or her speech patterns and speed to avoid an abrupt cut-off of the conversation, or worse, dead air space because no one participating is talking. Dead air space won’t be a problem if you prepare two additional sub-topics ahead of time to keep on reserve as part of your podcast outline. The most important thing to remember is always have an introduction so people know who you are and what you plan to talk about, and a conclusion at the end to thank your audience and say goodbye.

  1. Make It Fun

This is the most important component of creating a podcast people want to talk about and share with others. The best way to make your podcast fun is to have fun while you make it. Be creative. Select a memorable and catchy title for your podcast. Choose interesting topics, upbeat music, unique but appropriate sound effects, and speak enthusiastically. Talk using a soothing tone of speech that includes inflection. Unless you are discussing things of a serious nature, laugh with your guest speakers. Tell jokes. Grammar doesn’t always have to be perfect. Using the occasional (unoffensive) trending slang word tells listeners you know what is happening in pop culture. If you make every podcast fun and exciting, your podcasts will be greatly desired and listeners will multiply quickly.

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Felicia Topsale