10 Signs That You Need a New Smartphone

With the rising cost of smartphones, people are waiting much longer to purchase a new phone than they have in previous years. It makes sense to save money and use a phone that is a couple of years old, but sometimes using an older smartphone can do more harm than good.  Have you thought about buying a new phone recently?

If you are experiencing any of these problems, you need a new phone.  

You Don’t Have Any Storage Space Left

You can’t download apps, songs, take photos, or record videos. Even after you erased all of your music, pictures, and videos, you can only manage to download one more app before you see that your storage is full. The only way to rectify the situation at this point is you need a new phone.

You Are Unable to Update Existing Apps

Over time, if you have an older phone it will become increasingly difficult to update your apps. You may get a message that says you need a phone that is a certain version or higher. If you are unable to update your phone’s software, it will increasingly cause more trouble when you use the apps on your phone.

  1. You Have Trouble Using Apps 

You need to consider a new smartphone if your apps have a habit of freezing and unexpectedly crashing. GPS apps will be slow, take a long time to re-route when you change direction, or give you the wrong route to your destination altogether.

Your Phone is Damaged

Does the screen have lines and dark spots? Is the screen cracked? Was there water damage? Do the power and volume buttons work? Is the headphone jack still working? If your phone needs repairing, it may be cheaper, in the long run, to use that money toward buying a new phone.

Phone Calls Sound Muffled and/or the Volume is Too Low

When you are on a phone call, are you able to hear clearly? Do feel the need to yell because the person on the other line can’t hear you? Does it seem like the call goes in and out regardless of a strong signal?

The Phone is Slow

Does it take a long time for apps to open? When you send a text or email do you have to watch the phone indefinitely, so you can verify it was sent? If you make a call, does it take longer than usual to connect?  Have you done everything to resolve the issue including resetting your phone, but it still moves slow?

The Battery Doesn’t Last Long 

Do you leave the house with a fully charged phone only for it to drop down to 50% after a couple of hours even though you didn’t use it? Have you started carrying your charger with you everywhere you go so you can charge your phone every chance you get? If constantly charging your phone has become an inconvenience,  it can be a sign it’s time for a new phone.  

Poor Quality Photos 

When you take photos do they appear fuzzy, blurry, and pale looking? Are nighttime photos so dark you can only see a shadow? Are you impressed with high-quality photos you see from someone else’s phone? The latest versions of iPhone and Android phones take high-resolution photos with vibrant colors, and have many options to enhance your pictures as well.

Phone Shuts Off

Does your phone unexpectedly and repeatedly shut off for no reason? When phones are old, it is difficult to know if the root cause is the hardware or software. Either way, it is frustrating to deal with and your phone may be useless during an emergency. If you want a cell phone for safety reasons, go buy a new one.

Your Phone Gets Hot

When your phone gets hot, it could be caused by the battery, processor, or screen. Malware can also cause your phone to overheat. If your phone gets hot enough, it can cause a reaction with the chemicals inside your phone. Do you want an unsafe phone which may explode and seriously injure you or someone else? This is the most important reason that you really need a phone.


Once you decide to buy a new smartphone, you should play around with the new phone you are interested in at the store, as well as contact the phone manufacturer directly to answer your questions. You can also ask friends and family members about the phones they have and read online reviews to know what your options are. Either way, a new smartphone that is a good fit for you, will enhance your life, and hopefully, make it easier.



Felicia Topsale