signs your company needs a new software

10 Signs Your Company Needs New Software

Does your company need new software? In this day and age, most businesses cannot run effectively without some form of computer software. A POS system, CRM, and DAM tools are some of the many different kinds of software companies use every day.

If you have been using software for an extended period of time, it is easy to miss signs that you need new software. Use this checklist to determine if your company needs new business software.

Signs Your Company Needs New Software

1. Automatic updates have been disabled.

Updates allow you to have the latest and best software available for security and ease of use. If you are no longer able to update your software, this is a big problem and could make your company and data vulnerable to a multitude of issues.

2. Software problems cause downtime.

Do employees stop working when there is a software problem? Does it seem like it takes more time to get work completed than it did previously? The longer it takes for employees to complete work, the more money it will cost the company.

3. The software speed is slow.

This is another way your software can cause downtime. If there are delays opening or closing the software, saving or uploading files and data, this is a sign your software may not function properly. This is especially true when your hardware is fairly new and up-to-date.

4. The software isn’t compatible with mobile technology.

Unless your company is dealing with sensitive data that can only be accessed on company property, most software today is designed to be accessible by a desktop computer AND a smartphone. This can be extremely helpful when employees may not have access to Wi-Fi, need to perform business functions away from the office or while commuting.

5. Your software is obsolete.

Did you learn the software company no longer makes the software you use? If this is the case, you should consider getting new software.

6. You have trouble keeping up with your competitors.

If your competitors are attracting your regular customer base with cutting-edge technology and you feel your business can’t keep up, it may be time for new software.

7. The software is no longer benefiting the business.

You know your software isn’t benefiting your company when it doesn’t make your business processes easier or faster.

8. Your existing software can’t handle the number of users.

When your software can’t accommodate the current number of users and won’t accept new users without system issues, this is a bad sign.

9. Your software is unable to keep up with the growth of your business.

As your business and number of clients increases, does your software adapt flawlessly to the changes? Software that can’t grow with your company can hold you back.

10. Operating costs are high.

If you are spending a lot of money on operating costs, it may be caused by deficient software. Hence, the new software is designed with the intention of making business operations more organized and easier to manage.

You can read more about outdated software and how it can affect your employees here.

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